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What does Winning Look Like? (Pt. 1)

Sunday afternoon was an amazing day in sports. As I sat behind the sound board at the radio station, I was amazed at what was unfolding on the TV. Masters week is always a great one and this year proved no different. Justin Rose and long time PGA professional, Sergio Garcia, entered a playoff late Sunday afternoon. This would prove to be Garcia’s first major championship. It had eluded him for so long. I saw Garcia and his fiance, drop to their knees simultaneously as the final putt fell into the hole.  You could see his sigh of relief as the crowd erupted on the 18th green. FINALLY! After years of close calls and tough Sundays the day belonged to the veteran Spaniard who had waited so long. Emotions ran deep for Garcia as the club at Augusta presented him with the coveted Green Jacket. It was at that point I thought, WOW, this is what winning looks like. 

At that moment I realized our culture is driven by winning. Like modern day gladiators we seek definitive outcomes for everything. Sports, game shows, reality TV, even our careers, and family life. Then I began to wonder, what does it look like for the church to win?

So here’s the deal, I’m going to pose that questions to all of you. What does a win for the church look like? I’ll post my thoughts later on this week, but I want to hear yours first.

So if the body of Christ is a team, then what is a win? We want to hear your thoughts. 

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