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An Election of Betrayal

It’s a cloudy and damp Tuesday morning in Oklahoma, and yet there are many who are standing outside. Waiting in long endless lines to get into obscure buildings. And, with no context this seems odd, but today is different than many others. Today our state, our nation, and the world watches, as citizens of this country cast their votes to elect the next leader of the free world. The very idea seems to be the beauty of what America is. That “We The People,” could take action, let our voice be heard, make a difference, and elect a proven leader to take us to new heights.


However, most of us feel betrayed.    


Betrayed by our party affiliation, betrayed by our fellow Americans, betrayed by the system. How could something so beautiful feel so dirty and frustrating. Is this what the forefathers intended when they created the wheel of democracy? Is this what they envisioned when they penned the Deceleration Of Independence or The Constitution? Is this what the greatest generation saw in their minds eye when they stormed the beaches of Normandy or fought on the sands of Iwo Jima? What is this? This can’t be it.. surely this is just a nightmare.


Many people feel frustrated because they think the “prominence of America” is slipping away. They are fearful that the greatest nation in the world is coming tumbling down to ruins.


I however, am not afraid.


I stand confident today. While many are living and dying by every exit poll, and return, I am content. Yes, I care deeply about my country. Yes, I share the concerns of our nation, and yes I too feel frustrated by our choices today.


But, through all of the unrest, I rest in the sovereignty of God!


I know that God has been and always will be on the throne. In the book of Hebrews we are promised a, “kingdom that will not be shaken.” I stand on that promise. So no matter what happens  we can know that God is still in control. God has never failed His people and His love and justice have always been perfect. With this in heart we have nothing to be afraid of, we can rest assured that we are safe. America has never been or will it ever be perfect, so whatever the results of this election are our world is still finite and it will end one day. The Kingdom of God is forever and it’s leader is infallible and inexhaustible.


So today by the grace of God we all win!



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